Air Freight

Air Freight forwarding and handling services


Qantas Courier actively promotes the capacity provided by all Qantas and Jetstar aircraft around the world. In addition, as a licensed IATA air forwarding agent and RACA, Qantas Courier offers competitive rates with a large number of other carriers. This ensures we can provide your company with a cost efficient service that will arrive at its destination as quickly as possible.

You are assured that Qantas Courier will seek the most efficient and cost effective solution to meet your business needs and shipping requirements. Qantas Courier handles all routine cargo and specialised shipments including priority, oversized and dangerous goods.

Restrictions may apply including animals, perishables, radioactive material and explosives. Contact us for more information.

Routine Cargo


Through our network of worldwide agents, Qantas Courier can provide air freight services with local pickup and delivery including customs clearance to almost any international airport in the world.

As an alternative, sea freight is available when delivery time is of less importance or the shipment is particularly large.

Specialised Cargo


Qantas Courier handles all time critical (AOG) and express shipments with the ability to handle oversized and dangerous goods for both account and one-time customers. For more information contact us.