Transit cover

Qantas Courier offers transit cover, at an additional cost, for any goods transported as personal effects, unaccompanied baggage or commercial shipments. This cover provides customers peace of mind against loss and/or damage when using Qantas Courier services.

Dependent on the type of transit cover chosen, the cover can be for loss-only or loss and damage cover from point of collection to delivery location. The amount of premium will depend on the shipment value – contact us for more information.

When requesting a quote, simply select transit cover to be quoted as an added option or complete the relevant Declaration for Transit Cover form when submitting your shipment at your local Qantas Courier office. Our domestic and international sending paperwork includes the relevant Declaration for Transit Cover. Upon verification of particulars by our staff, your consignment will be covered from lodgement until final delivery location.

Importance of transit cover

Qantas Courier aims to provide a sending service that is affordable, reliable and offering a safe delivery. At times, particular items may be of significant value and purchasing optional transit cover provides financial protection against loss and/or damage whilst a shipment is in transit.

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Different types of transit cover

Type of sending Type of cover available
Personal Effects & Unaccompanied Baggage Loss-Only Cover in the event of partial or full consignment loss. We recommend adequate packaging to ensure the safety and security of your property. We would only verify that the packaging is adequate to provide a minimum level of security.
Loss and Damage Cover Cover in the event of partial or full consignment loss and also in the event of property damage. We can only offer this cover for personal effects & unaccompanied baggage where packaging meets the following:
  1. All items are in original (& adequate) packaging; OR
  2. All items have been professionally re-packed.
Commercial Shipments Loss and Damage Cover Cover in the event of partial or full consignment loss and also in the event of property damage. We can offer this cover for all commercial shipments. All senders should be aware that in the event a claim, the insurer may require inspection of relevant packaging and determine its adequacy. We highly recommend that all sendings be properly packed.

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Limits & Exclusions

An excess of $250 applies for all claims paid. Limits and exclusions as follows:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Notes
  • Stamp deeds
  • Tickets
  • Traveller’s cheques
  • Jewellery
  • Watches and other similar valuable items
  • Animals and livestock

Note - we can provide all risk cover for motor vehicles and motorcycles subject to the following:

  1. The charge for transit cover can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Photos of all sides of relevant vehicle will need to be provided to demonstrate no prior damage.

  3. A $400 excess applies.

Destinations currently not available for transit cover:

Middle East Former USSR (CIS) Africa Asia
Iraq Azerbaijan Algeria Pakistan
Iraq Belorussia Central Africa Republic Sri Lanka
Afghanistan Confederation of Independent States Chad Yemen
Syria Georgia Congo
Lebanon Kazakhstan Ivory Coast
Turkmenistan Ethiopia
Ukraine Guinea
Uzbekistan Nigeria
Borkina Faso

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Terms & Conditions

For full terms and conditions

Personal effects & unaccompanied baggage full terms and conditions:

Commercial shipments full terms and conditions:

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Making a transit cover claim

  1. Contact the Qantas Courier office where you lodged your shipment. Please ensure you notify us within 14 days of becoming aware of the shipment being lost or damaged.

  2. Once confirmed and acknowledged, a claim form will be sent to you for completion with request of any other relevant documentation supporting your claim. Supporting documents (for example) may include photographs, independent quotes, or invoices to support your goods valuation.

  3. Qantas Courier may require investigation prior to acceptance of any claim. Do ensure that damaged freight or packaging is not repaired or disposed of until advised by Qantas Courier.

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