Unaccompanied Baggage

Whether you are travelling for an extended holiday or relocating overseas, sometimes packing to meet your baggage allowance can be a challenge. Qantas Courier's unaccompanied baggage service can be a convenient and cost effective alternative to paying excess baggage rates.

For a detailed unaccompanied baggage quote contact us or request a quote online.

Sending unaccompanied baggage from New Zealand

Present your baggage together with photo identification such as an New Zealand driver's licence or international passport at one of our conveniently located offices. Supporting paperwork normally takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Please be mindful of this if you are travelling on the same day. Alternatively, click here to pre-fill the required forms, ensuring your paperwork will be processed in a timely manner.

Unaccompanied baggage may only consist of personal clothing and items including books, musical instruments, sporting goods or household items. Unaccompanied baggage services cannot be used to send commercial samples or items intended for sale. Unaccompanied baggage should never contain dangerous goods. For more information on dangerous goods click here.

Failure to declare dangerous goods or comply with government safety regulations is a serious offence.

Unaccompanied baggage can be presented in any appropriately secure container (sealed box or suitcase are most common). There is no limit as to the number of boxes/bags that can be sent providing no single piece exceeds 32kg/70lbs. Qantas Courier has a range of suitable boxes available if required.

Unaccompanied baggage will not necessarily travel on the same flight as you. If you require your baggage to be available for collection on your arrival, it is recommended that you send it at least a few days prior to departure. For extra convenience and for an additional cost, we can provide delivery to-door if required (available at the time of lodgement of your unaccompanied baggage).

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Collecting your unaccompanied baggage

When you send your personal effects as unaccompanied baggage (to-airport) the baggage will not be waiting for you at the passenger terminal. You will be notified by email with an 11-digit number that identifies your shipment and the carrier's air cargo office. Before your goods can be collected you may have to pay additional service, handling, customs and/or quarantine charges. These fees are different for every destination and will be advised when your baggage is ready for collection.

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Tracking your unaccompanied baggage

For shipments arranged 'to-airport', Qantas Courier will email you with the 11-digit air waybill number. You will have the ability to then track your shipment through the carrier's website. For shipments arrange 'to-door', you can use the Qantas Courier consignment note number and track through the Qantas Courier website.

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Additional services

Qantas Courier offers a number of optional services that can be used in conjunction with its unaccompanied baggage services including:

  • collection and delivery
  • supply of specialised packaging
  • transit insurance
  • customs clearance

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